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Category: Customer Engagement

Welcome to your Advanced Leaderboard Demo.

This add-on gives you 4 new leaderboard shortcodes and 2 new widgets that you can customize per use. You can edit how many results are listed, the name of the leaderboard, and the order the results are listed in. You get to list the results in Graph and Table format.

In this Demo, we have used the below shortcodes to depict the results in Graph and Table format.

[mlw_qmn_single_leaderboard mlw_quiz=20 ranks=4 name='Advanced Leaderboard Table' order='score']
[mlw_qmn_single_graph mlw_quiz=20 ranks=4 name='Advanced Leaderboard Graph']

Which of the following is an open-source OS?
Natural Satellite of Planet Earth?
Smallest country in the world by area?
1 minute is equal to seconds.
The value of (π)pi is?
Boiling point of water is?

User Dashboard
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Welcome to your Gradebook Integration

The value of (π)pi is?
Natural Satellite of Planet Earth?
Which is the first Harry Potter book?
42+24=? (Correct answer gives 10 points)